Friday, May 8, 2009

Text: Obama’s Remarks on Training for the Unemployed

I read the text of President Obama's remarks made today (Friday, 5/08/09) and thought of the many unemployed folks I have seen applying for health insurance and other benefits in the last 6 months. Pres. Obama seems to get it. We cannot continue to put bandages on systemic problems. We need comprehensive solutions to complex problems. And what he proposes is only the start of addressing some of our problems.

I won't get into the nuts of bolts of what I think. I want to hear what you think! Maybe we can have a conversation that looks at the President's plan from several perspectives.

I will tell you that we need more than retraining workers; we also need to retrain hiring managers so the waaay too many unemployed older workers can also go back to work and earn a living wage.

Talk back! Let me know what you think.

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