Sunday, May 3, 2009

NonProfit Conversation

So many of my friends are in the non-profit world, this blog, NonProfit Conversation, hosted by Bunnie Reidel is a good resource...

Reading the articles made me reflect on my own volunteer management experiences. I've been in volunteer management for more than 20 years; and I've been a volunteer much longer than that. When you find a good resource, you hang onto it. Web 2.0 makes it so much easier to hang onto those valuable resources but what's even better is that they're typically updated frequently so the resources are more relevant than old handouts and paper-based information.

If you're not making use of Web 2.0 tools, maybe you should take a closer look and see if you're missing out on some time-saving efficiency tools that would make your professional life a bit more manageable! do your best, you have to be at your best...

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