Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Have You Tried Ask Your LawMaker?

Last night, Melinda Wittstock, Burueau Chief/Executive Director of Capitol News Connection (CNC) was featured at the Ethos Roundtable. An award-winning broadcast and print journalist, Melinda's experience in New York, Washington, and London spans BBC Radio and TV News, ABC News, National Public Radio (NPR), MSNBC/CNBC, as well as London's Times, Guardian, and Observer newspapers.

Melinda touched on a number of Web 2.0 topics with the guests as she demonstrated Ask Your Lawmaker and its widgit*. Ask Your Lawmaker provides ordinary people, like you and me, the opportunity to raise questions to our nation's lawmakers. The site's viewers vote on which questions they'd like to see answered; those with the highest votes get asked by
CNC staff with the answers posted to the website.

The site includes podcasts, a blog, a widigit, and the Ask Your Question opportunity. There's a daily 2-minute Power Breakfast Podcast, which gives you a preview of what CNC expects to be covering during the day -- a preview of the day's news coverage!

While the website is being further developed, to improve functionality and smooth out the interaction between you and the site, it's fully functional and deserves your attention. If there's a question you've wanted asked on Capitol Hill, a burning issue you believe is being neglected, or maybe you want to find out if you're the only one who thinks they way you do about a particular national topic or trend, then pose your question and see what develops.

Capitol News Connection is owned by the nonprofit multimedia organization
Pundit Productions, Inc. CNC provides nonpartisan news reporting and operates the Ask Your Lawmaker website.

*widgit = a web-based applet that provides ongoing content or permits user interaction; the Ask Your Lawmaker widgit permits anyone to run its feed on their website

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