Monday, December 3, 2012

Heart and Soul - A Special Grant Program for 501(c)3 Charities

 Today (12/3/12) is the first day of  the Community TechKnowledge (CTK) Foundation's 2013 grant opportunity for non profit organizations.  Dubbed the Heart and Soul grant, CTK asks organization to describe the heart and soul of their organization in a short poem.

CTK recognizes that the heart and soul of every nonprofit organization is the passion and commitment of its members (staff, volunteers, clients/patrons, board, other stakeholders) to make a difference. CTK's Heart and Soul grant supports the mission of non profits and honors the front line folks who quietly make that difference for their organizations.

What's the Prize?

One eligible nonprofit will receive CTK's main prize:
  • A $10,000 cash (unrestricted funds - a rare opportunity for nonprofits these days) and
  • A professionally written and recorded song by the Grammy Award-winning group, The Original Blind Boys of Alabama.
 Additional prizes for other nonprofits include: 
  • $10,000 HHS Grant — available to an Austin, TX-area nonprofit specializing in the provision of At Risk Children and Families — a gift from the Cipione Family Foundation of Austin, TX.
  • Two $5,000 Grant Awards to two US Nonprofits
  • Five $1,000 Grant Awards to Community TechKnowledge, Inc. customer organizations attending the 2013 Outcomes Immersion Certification Training
  • $20,000 in matching cash grants to nonprofits for CTK software purchases
  • Three autographed guitars: one by The Original Blind Boys of Alabama, one by Los Lonely Boys, and one by Sunny Shipley

Grant Application Period:

Grant Opens: Noon: December 3, 2012 (Central Standard Time)
Grant Closes: Noon: January 7, 2013 (Central Standard Time)

How to Apply:

Submit a 4-8 line poem expressing the heart (& soul) of your nonprofit organization's service mission through CTK's website.

The application process is easy. The most difficult part is likely to be creating that 4-8 line poem.  Get your pens ready, sit back and close your eyes, and visualize the heart and soul of your favorite nonprofit. How does it fulfill its service mission? What does that look like, in words? Can you feel it developing a rhythm? Maybe if you put it to a simple tune, it'll be easier to write.

Good luck, my friends.

What is the CTK Foundation?

The CTK Foundation was established by Community TechKnowledge, Inc., an Austin-based technology company that provides software and services to over 10,000 nonprofits in the US and UK. The CTK Foundation Fund is committed to the recognition and celebration of the work nonprofits and seeks to promote the use of technology in managing the accomplishment of their mission.

What Do Previous Winners Think?

 Here's a short video clip of a previous winner.