Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow Day -- Northeast Finally Gets the Blast that hit everywhere else!

I took a few photos a little while ago, while the snowfall had lightened a bit.  But it started snowing more heavily again a little while ago.  Here are a few shots I took during the lull. 

Dogwood Tree outside our back entrance.  What might be mistaken for a fire hydrant in front of it is really a trash barrel.  It's hard to tell when it's buried in snow.

The fence is just over 5' high.  Everything is covered in snow.

The walkway beside the building has become a scenic tunnel protected by snow-laden branches.

Snow is even sticking to vertical objects; these fence posts look more like prison bars today.

I don't want to be standing beneath this tree when it drops its snowy load.   This is the park in front of Hormel Stadium.

At the very right of the photo is a lightpole and barely visible behind it you can see the wings of the wind turbine.

These two bushes look like a couple huddling in the snow -- reminds me of our homeless clients who do not use shelters; I pray for their safety in this type of weather. 

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