Thursday, July 8, 2010

Playing with New Template Today

If you visit me today, 7/8/10, you may find some items not quite as visually pleasing or somehow out of synch.  I'm playing with a new template and finding out what I like or dislike about its features.  Bear with me; I should be settled on something by this afternoon. 


  1. Everything looks fine, Claire. I do like this template - it's not "bright", but very easy on the eye.

  2. That's one thing I like most about it. It's soothing and doesn't make you want to run away! I visited a site today that had a bright, light blue background with white text. No way did I bother to find out more about the group, which was my original intent. It would have been too difficult and painful on the eyes to try to read what they were about.

  3. I might lighten the background in the content area of this template a bit, to increase the text contrast. That's about all I will probably change.