Sunday, December 6, 2009

"Thinking Out Loud: Feminist Edition"

For the past few months I have been been a recurring guest and sometimes co-host of the show, "Thinking Out Loud, Feminist Edition," on WUML, 91.5 FM, Friday 9:00 AM, produced by Charlotte Crockford in Lowell, MA. 

Charlotte and I quickly became friends after re-meeting several years ago at the 501 Tech Club.  We'd first met at the Lowell Telecommunications Corporation, when I was consulting to them and several other Lowell community based organizations on volunteer management.  Charlotte was managing volunteers at this public access center and learning all she could about media publishing and broadcasting. 

What I admire(d), then and now, about Charlotte is her energy, drive, and desire to mentor to younger people. In her retirement, she works harder now than she probably did during her working years.  Always on the go - to a shoot or interview, training someone on portable, digital camera and sound equipment, looking for people to interview - whatever the task, it's move, move, move.  Charlotte is unstoppable. 

"Thinking Out Loud, the Feminist Edition" is a weekly show and Charlotte has interviewed many notable and not-so-well-known women, including Paula Poundstone, Linda Fife, Paula Fortier, Lorre Fritchy, Jaclyn Friedman, Paula Fortier, Tamara Krenn, Young Sisters for Justice in Philanthropy, Amy Goodman, and Angela Davis.

Just as important as the interviews, though, is the fact that Charlotte is training young women in studio technology and techniques through her show.  She mentors to several young women and has mentored to both men and women over many years.  She's a natural teacher and says she gets some of her energy from being around younger people.  But I'll warn you that she outlasts many of them in a given day, so pack your energy bars if you're going on the road with Charlotte!

Some places to pick up the show include
Charlotte and I share a passion for teaching, irreverence for conventional wisdom, and the delight and wonder at all the great technology tools we have today to education, mentor, and just have fun.  Tune in to any of her weekly shows.  On Spinitron, you can select the entire hour or just portions of it, depending on how much time you have at the moment. 

Sit back, relax, and enjoy.


  1. Charlotte's an incredible person! I'm a college student in my freshman year. I DJ on WUML, and let me tell you, 9 times out of 10 she's got more energy than I do-- and she's ALWAYS moving and thinking. She's so bright, too! I can always go to her for counsel or advice, or just to share a funny news story with her.
    I love her to pieces, and I always look forward to dropping by between classes while she's on the air in the morning.


  2. I agree with you whole heartedly. She is incredible and she's full of energy. And she's darned funny too.