Monday, September 21, 2009

Physicians Support the Public Option; Why Does the Senate "Gang of Six" Ignore That?

On Huffington Post, a brief report from their Congressional Blog notes that physicians from all specialities and geographically spread support the public option. 

"We asked them [physicians across all 50 states] how much they would support expanding health insurance to the uninsured through a public option similar to Medicare in combination with private options, through private insurance only, or through a public-only system.

Our findings were extraordinary—an overwhelming majority of physicians supported the public option (63%)."

I'll be delivering a notice to my senator today, along with a lemon, to tell him what I think of Sen. Max Baucus' bill that doesn't even carry the support of the 3 Republican members of his committee and is not well supported by the 2 Democrats on his committee. 

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