Monday, June 1, 2009

Chemocare: Helpful Information for Anyone on Chemotherapy

Most people remember ice-skating champion Scott Hamilton and many will remember his battle with cancer. Scott has developed a website,, to help people understand the varied and often confusing world of chemotherapy drugs. Hamilton's goal is to provide the latest information about chemotherapy: what it is, what the drugs are, how to manage their side effects, nutritional information while on chemotherapy, and more.

It's an ambitious project and so needed. Cancer is a diagnosis that has many different types of treatment. Keeping up with those various treatment options includes a wide variety of chemotherapy agents (drugs) that all have various side effects. While the cancer battles the body, the drugs battle the cancer. The body gets pretty well beaten up. Putting all the pieces together (chemotherapy drugs, other drugs that battle the side effects of the chemo drugs, proper nutrition to support the body's healing while not interfering with the drugs, the whole mind-body relationship especially for healing) takes work. if the cancer itself isn't enough to have to deal with!

ChemoCare is a project of the Scott Hamilton CARES Initiative, which Hamilton set up to raise cancer awareness and raise funds for cancer research. If you, a friend, family member, or coworker has cancer, ChemoCare may be a useful site to use.

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