Thursday, April 30, 2009


I don't know what I'll end up putting on this blog. Some of it will be related to my work, I'm sure. It'll be a way to get my thoughts down somewhere public, so I can then write some useful PSAs (public service announcements), pamphlets, and other stuff for clients, consumers, and colleagues.

But I may also just write what's on my mind about other things.

Comments are permitted, but they will be moderated. I want people to engage in a conversation. Disagreeing is okay. Name-calling, arguing for the sake of arguing, without furthering the dialogue, etc., is a waste of time. Be constructive. Offer advice that makes sense. Ask questions. Offer solutions. Suggest related topics.

But if you're the type who posts to every public forum out there with a diatribe on unrelated topics, or the type who tries to advertise on them, don't bother. It won't get posted and I'll end up blocking you from ever posting to any blog I control. And you'll end up in my email black lists as well.

When I have a topic to speak on, I'll add another post. Meanwhile, seize the day and do something positive for yourself and then for someone else. We have to work together to make our lives better, improve the planet, and enjoy our own corner of the world.

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